When I Was the Most Beautiful (2020)

Goodness Ye Ji is a fired craftsman. She has an unadulterated heart and constant hopefulness and won’t surrender regardless of the circumstance. She fantasies about discovering standard bliss however in an unfeeling spot of destiny gets trapped in an adoration triangle with two siblings, Seo Hwan and Seo Jin.

Web optimization Hwan, a structural fashioner, is a blameless youngster who begins to look all starry eyed at Oh Ye Ji from the outset sight. His emotions put him at chances with his more seasoned sibling Seo Jin, however he can’t relinquish his pivotal first love.

Search engine optimization Jin is a race vehicle driver and the head of his convention group. He is cool and saved outwardly however is savage chasing what he wants. At the point when he meets Oh Ye Ji interestingly at his dad’s workshop, he instinctually feels pulled in to her.

Convey Jung, depicted as a femme fatale, is Seo Jin’s ex and promoting accomplice. She is charming, however she is additionally strongly desirous over her ex-sweetheart and has a narrow minded and self absorbed streak. She feels enthusiastic love for Seo Jin, whose rally crew she used to support, and can’t relinquish him even after they separate.