The Outcast (2022) 720p

Chou Soran was a typical undergrad until he becomes involved with a horrible episode in a little town while visiting his granddad’s grave. While strolling through the burial ground to pay visit to his perished granddad, Soran is attacked by zombies until a strange young lady employing a blade shows up and drives him to a showdown with the zombies. After effectively fighting off the zombies and further experiences with the blade employing young lady known as Fu Hōhō, Soran’s life starts to change as he discovers that the hand to hand fighting strategy educated to him by his granddad, known as Kitaigen, is a method being pursued by numerous combative techniques bunches with ulterior thought processes. The story follows Soran’s endeavor to discover his granddad’s genuine history and his alleged association with Fu Hōhō.