The Interviewees (2020)

Overall: The Interviewees (2020) is a Friendship, School, Youth, Sports. The Interviewees (2020) cast: Jeong Kyeong Ho (1972),Kang Yoo Seok (1994),Oh Ryoong (1980),Kang Min Ji, The Interviewees (2020) Release Date: Aug 1, 2020 – Aug 30, 2020 . The Interviewees (2020) episodes: 12.

The Interviewees (2020) (2021) Detail

Drama: Cha Ta Gong In
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 4
Aired: Nov 13, 2020 – Nov 24, 2020
Aired On: Tuesday, Friday
Duration: 15 min.
Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older
Genres: Friendship, Life, School, Drama

Also Known As: Discrimination-Abolished-Fairness-Attained , Discrimination(Cha) Abolished(Ta)! Fairness(Gong) Attained(In)! , Chartered Person , Cha-Ta-Gong-In , Chatagongin

The Interviewees (2020) Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the near future, 2220. The scenery of Seoul looks very different from the present, but 200 years later, the government created artificial humans, or cloned humans, to maintain the healthy lives of the people. Artificial animals are used for industrial and public work, etc. until they are used for human health, and for this, humans have to pay health insurance premiums every month.

The Interviewees (2020) Cast

Jeong Kyeong Ho (1972),
Kang Yoo Seok (1994),
Oh Ryoong (1980),
Kang Min Ji,

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The Interviewees (2020)

The Interviewees (2020)

The Interviewees (2020)

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