Survival Code (2022) 720p

At the point when a visit bunch incidentally experience a sea shore and become caught on a remote location not a long way from the city. Seven men and four ladies investigate and attempt to get by on this island, experiencing things like deficiency of new water and food, the different threats of brutal monsters and wild musings disintegrating their convictions and confidence.

Wen, a piece of this visit bunch, is a solid, kind, sweet and fit young lady. Here, she met a maverick man, Qin Langtian, and innovation keen He Lin. Each of them three have totally different characters, however they strolled together as a result of destiny. To have the option to escape this remote location alive, they went through the trial of various risks together and encountered the passionate strife of adoration and disdain. At the point when they returned securely, the survivors were suprised to discover that this was all essential for a trick.