Super Star (2022) All Episodes

“Genius” recounts the narrative of Fang Le Jing and Shen Han in media outlets, encountering different troubles lastly making progress: The top monetary understudy Fang Le Jing committed an error and turned into an entertainer. Diversion monster Yan Kai can get a Shen Han who needs to be a star after supper. The future advancement is befuddling. In any case, Fang Le Jing and Shen Han urged each other to progress and withdraw together. In the complex and steadily changing diversion circle, they utilized their diligent effort and persistence to seek after workmanship to make their very own sky.

(Source: Goodreads)

~~ Adapted from the novel of a similar name by Yu Xiao Lan Shan (语笑阑珊).

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