Sao 5 (2021)

There are 5 men who were brought into the world in same day that is fifth Saturday, embraced by Apichai. They’ve joined sacred service to get the heavenly stuff to permit them being godlike. Every one of them likewise have uncommon capacity. Diew Somdetch can hear the voice from a long way off. Terd Yordthong can vanish with holding a relax. Dorn Thakradarn can see around in his contemplation. Yord Nangpraya can stroll through whatever remain on his way. Kring Chorngkrakian has quick development, and have the option to becomr whoever. They have the mission to pursue aftee the grouo of Jarga who ransacked desease bomb in labotary at Europe, and shroud it on Thailand with Bussakorn, little girl of Apichai who is master about this and Duangkamol who camouflage herself to explore it.

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