River Where the Moon Rises 720p All Episodes

Conceived a princess and raised a fighter, Pyeong Gang is a lady with enormous dreams and boundless desire. Resolved to turn into the main Empress of Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang will remain determined to make her blessing from heaven. Astute and reasonable, Pyeong Gang is very much aware of the deterrents that hold her up, yet she’s more than fit for taking them on. In any case, things take a startling turn the day she meets On Dal, a harmony adoring man whose sole objective in daily routine is to experience in agreement with everyone around him.

On Dal is the specific inverse of the goal-oriented princess. He is a desert spring of quiet in the midst of the tempestuous tempests in Pyeong Gang’s life. The fighter princess before long ends up succumbing to delicate On Dal. He’s similarly infatuated with the princess, whose heart he presently has. He winds up spurning his standards to keep her protected, an undertaking ending up being progressively troublesome, as fighting groups mortally compete for the seat. Compelled to coordinate with the two brains and strength against the absolute most influential individuals in Goguryeo, Pyeong Gang’s journey for force could cost her beginning and end. Does she have the stuff to understand her objectives, or will the value end up being an excessive amount to pay?

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