Only One Person (2021)

Overall: Only One Person 2021 is an Romantic Drama. Only One Person 2021 cast: Park Sung Hoon, Ahn Eun Jin, Joy, Go Doo Shim. Only One Person 2021Release Date: Nov 29, 2021 – Jan 18, 2022. Only One Person 2021episodes: 16.

Only One Person 2021 Detail

Drama: Only One Person
Native Title: 한 사람만
Genres: Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Country: South Korea
Director: Oh Hyun Jong
Screenwriter: Moon Jung Min
Episodes: 16
Airs: Nov 29, 2021 – Jan 18, 2022
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: jTBC
Duration: 60 min.
Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older
Also Known As: Just One Person , Han Saramman , Han Salamman

Only One Person 2021 Synopsis and Plot Summary

“’Only One Person’ tells the story of a terminally ill woman who decides to kill one bad guy because she’s dying anyway. However, she instead meets just one person who becomes incredibly important to her life.
Pyo In Sook is an insensitive character with unpredictable emotions who has never belonged anywhere. Even after she’s diagnosed as terminally ill, she lives completely spontaneously, nearly forgetting which emotions are appropriate for a situation.

Jo Shi Young is an inspector with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. This cynical character will observe the lives of three different women. Seong Mi Do, a famous influencer who doesn’t have much time left to live. With death close ahead of her successful life, the character experiences various complex emotions.

In Korean

‘Only One Person’은 어차피 죽어가는 악당 한 명을 죽이기로 결심 한 불치병 여성의 이야기입니다. 그러나 그녀는 대신 그녀의 삶에 엄청나게 중요한 사람을 만납니다.
표인숙은 어디에도 속하지 않은 예측할 수없는 감정을 가진 무감각 한 캐릭터 다. 불치병 진단을받은 후에도 그녀는 상황에 맞는 감정을 거의 잊고 완전히 자발적으로 살아갑니다. 조시영은 서울 경찰청 검사관이다. 이 냉소적 인 캐릭터는 세 명의 다른 여성의 삶을 관찰 할 것입니다. 살 시간이별로없는 유명한 인플 루 언서 도성 미. 성공적인 삶을 앞두고 죽음을 앞둔 캐릭터는 다양한 복잡한 감정을 경험합니다.

Only One Person 2021 Cast

Park Sung Hoon
Ahn Eun Jin
Go Doo Shim

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Only One Person 2021

Only One Person 2021

Only One Person 2021

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