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My Sister 2021

“My Sister” The Final Trailer | Official Movie Trailer | Chinese Movie 2021

Director: Yin Ruoxin
Screenwriter: You Xiaoying
Aka: Kick the ball / Sister
Resource type: My sister’s Baidu network disk, ed2k download, Baidu cloud disk
Starring: Zhang Zifeng/ Xiao Yang/ Zhu Yuanyuan/ Duan Bowen/ Liang Jingkang/ Jin Yaoyuan/ Wang Shengdi/ Sun Jialing/ Chen Yongsheng/ Park Songri
Genre: Drama / Family
Production Country/Region: Mainland China
Language: Mandarin Chinese / Sichuanese
Release date: 2021-04-02 (Mainland China)
Duration: 127 minutes
IMDb: tt12788426

An accidental car accident took the parents away and brought the younger brother who had never met before her sister. After a series of turmoil, the pain that my sister originally came from the original family is slowly healed, and she has grown into a better self.


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