Mei Yu Liang Yan (2022)

“Jinling’s No. 1 Street Female Fighter” Qin Liangyu and “Jinling’s No. 1 Waved Flower Butterfly” Shen Yu have consistently despised one another. One day when the two were battling for a piece of excellent jade, they coincidentally crushed it to pieces, which brought about a great “union”, and an assortment of consistent and tumultuous associations happened. In the wake of being told by a specialist, the two discovered that the covered up “affection and enduring” in Jinling Town should be addressed to get back to typical life. Therefore, this pair of glad companions with various airs worked connected at the hip to address seven perplexing enthusiastic cases. Subsequent to encountering a progression of occurrences, they steadily figured out how to relate see one another, subsequent in genuine affection. Nonetheless, the huge intrigue in Jinling Town had been blending for quite a while, and it accompanied the power of the sky and the earth. As of now, Shen Yupian was in critical condition and kicked the bucket soon. To secure Qin Liangyu’s life, Shen Yu fooled her into drinking Wang Qingshui, and the “affection and harshness” was at long last delivered, and their lives proceeded. At the point when every one of the schemes have settled, the two have lost the memory of their adoration. In any case, regardless of whether they fail to remember one another, it won’t influence their affection once more. Concerning whether the two individuals can reestablish their recollections, it is not, at this point so significant.

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