Freedom Movie

men separated by way of one hundred years are united in their search for freedom. in 1856 a slave, samuel woodward, and his circle of relatives escape from the monroe plantation near richmond, virginia. a mystery community of ordinary human beings known as the underground railroad guide the circle of relatives on their journey north to canada. they’re relentlessly pursued by using the infamous slave hunter plimpton. hunted like a dog and haunted through the unthinkable struggling he and his forbears have endured, samuel is compelled to determine among revenge or freedom. one hundred years in advance in 1748, john newton, the captain of a slave dealer, sails from africa with a cargo of slaves bound for the us. on board is samuel’s extraordinary grandfather, whose survival is tied to the destiny of captain newton. the voyage adjustments newton’s existence forever, and he creates a legacy so as to inspire samuel and the lives of thousands and thousands for generations to come.