Dark Hole (2021)

About a gathering of survivors who need to battle for their lives against freaks that are made when people inhale strange dull smoke from a sinkhole.

Lee Hwa Sun is a police investigator in the Seoul territorial examination unit. Lee Hwa Sun’s life is flipped around when she gets a call from her significant other’s killer, advising her to come to “Mujishi.” However, individuals in Mujishi have been changed into beasts after taking in a secretive dull smoke. Lee Hwa Sun should battle to make due as well as fight her dread to catch her better half’s killer.

Yoo Tae Han is a local of Mujishi and a disaster area vehicle driver. He has a joyful character and likes to joke around, yet he has a solid feeling of equity. He quit being a cop because of an outrage brought about by a misconception, yet he is glad for his days in the power. At the point when he meets Lee Hwa Sun in the turmoil of Mujishi, he commits his life to saving others from risk.