Affection (2021)

Overall: Affection (2021) is a South Korea Drama; Historical; Romance;. Affection (2021) cast: Park Eun BinKim Ro Woon (Ro Woon) (1996)Nam Yoon Soo (1997)Bae Yoon Kyeong (1993)Choi Byeong Chan (Victon) (1997)Lee Pil Mo (1974). Affection (2021) Release Date: Sep 20, 2021 – Nov 9, 2021 . Affection (2021) episodes: 16

Affection (2021) Detail

Drama: Affection
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama
Director: Song Hyun Wook
writer: Han Hee Jung
Country: South Korea
Episodes: 16
Airs: Sep 20, 2021 – Nov 9, 2021
Airs On: Monday, Tuesday
Original Network: KBS2
Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.
Also Known As: Attachment , Yeonmo

Affection (2021) Synopsis and Plot Summary

“Yeonmo” is a story about a forgotten king who does not exist in any part of history. This tragic king has to hide the fact that she is actually a woman. The drama will portray the thrilling romance between the king who is a woman and the handsome characters around her against the backdrop of the dangerous and strict palace. Lee Hwi, a female king with a heavy secret. Lee Hwi is described as having porcelain skin, ice cold eyes, and fine looks that is at the border between a handsome man and a beautiful woman. She is constantly struggling to hide her identity, and she wears a poker face to mask the truth.

Adapted from a manhwa of the same name.

Affection (2021) Cast

Park Eun Bin,
Kim Ro Woon (Ro Woon) (1996),
Nam Yoon Soo (1997),
Bae Yoon Kyeong (1993),
Choi Byeong Chan (Victon) (1997),
Lee Pil Mo (1974),

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Affection (2021)

Affection (2021)

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